Property & Casualty Experts

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We are subject matter experts in both commercial lines and personal lines.

We provide executive search services in the areas of Property & Casualty insurance that includes both commercial lines and personal lines for clients in need of top-shelf individuals with expertise in the following functional areas:

  • Sales Production
  • Account Management
  • Account Executives
  • Client Relations
  • Risk Management
  • Bond Specialists
  • Sales Managers
  • Policy and Claims Administrators
  • Investment & Financial Analysts
  • Carrier Marketing and Pricing
  • Operations
  • Business Process and Systems

Commercial Lines are insurance products designed to protect commercial business enterprises against property losses, litigation, and other threats to their ability to operate an ongoing business. Personal lines are insurance products designed to protect homeowners with respect to their homes, automobiles and personal property. Life insurance is sometimes considered to be a subset of personal lines.

Commercial Lines insurance is comprised of the following coverages and products:

  • Property Insurance
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Builders Risk Insurance
  • Excess & Surplus Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Kidnapping & Ransom Insurance
  • Ocean & Marine Insurance
  • Cyber & Technology Insurance
  • Surety and Performance Bonding
  • Wholesale Insurance

Personal Lines comprise homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and High-Net Worth Private Client insurance designed to insure individuals with high-value estate homes, luxury vehicles, fine arts, jewelry, etc.

Solutions for You

We are professionals who identify and recruit passive candidates who, in most cases, work for your competition.  Our wide network of insurance professionals provides us with a continuous flow of individuals who may be interested in making a career change for a variety of reasons.  Our job is to provide you with talent solutions.  We match this talent with your specific and urgent needs.  You tell us who you need and we will find them.

We are experts because we know more about Commercial Lines and Personal Lines insurance than those who have worked in it their entire lives.  Why?  Since 2003, we have worked exclusively in the WDC and Mid-Atlantic markets in insurance across all functional disciplines including executive suite, sales, operations, planning, administrative, claims, and financial functions.  We have also worked as both recruiters and trusted advisors providing solutions to a wide spectrum of business formations from family-owned insurance agencies to representing 12 of the 20 largest insurance brokers in WDC.  This expertise makes us trusted advisors to the insurance community. Solutions Providers. Not just recruiters.

How We Can Help

We provide expert solutions to our insurance clients by finding them top-shelf insurance candidates who have skills and experience that are in direct alignment with their strategic vision and corporate culture.
We have worked with some of the leading firms offering Property & Casualty insurance to the community since 2003 in the WDC and surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to our executive search services, we also provide the following services on a case-by-case basis:

  • Individual or group executive coaching services.
  • Market intelligence.
  • “Heard on the Street” info about local mergers and acquisitions.
  • The latest news and insights on Virginia/Maryland/WDC employment law and agreements
  • Qualitative bench-marking and metrics building for staff accountability purposes
  • Compensation structuring advice for key execs and sales producers
  • Competitive landscaping analysis
  • Semi-Annual Salary Surveys are published for our clients

Why Work with Us

We conduct our search assignments in complete confidence. Operating on a “need to know” basis, we use a proven step by step process that protects the identity of the passive candidate and the integrity of the client firm’s proprietary information.

We often get asked why it’s so difficult to find young people in the insurance industry. The answer? The insurance community needs to communicate and promote more consistently and effectively the great opportunities now available to the “next generation” of professionals. The insurance industry has traditionally not promoted itself very well and most young people don’t even consider insurance as a career. Top students are mostly drawn to technology and financial services.

Outreach on the channels these individuals use often - social media, podcasts, YouTube, etc. - is critical to reach the talent in this group. Without the awareness of the opportunities, no one will know they’re available. We strive to improve our outreach every day.

We are local. We are insurance specialists. We are subject matter experts in all facets of insurance brokerage.

We listen. We learn. We understand there is War on Talent with regards to young insurance talent. The Next Generation.

We make a concerted effort to target this Next Generation of talent via social media and other forms of outreach for our clients.​

Because our business is focused on the Property & Casualty sector, it is important that we stay current on the rapidly evolving landscape with regards to local acquisitions, compensation levels, employment law, and evolving trends such as remote and hybrid business models now being adopted in the region.

We have our finger on the pulse through our robust local insurance network of professionals, monthly candidate newsletters, podcasts, direct email campaigns, and other social media outreach directly into the insurance community. Our network of insurance professionals is over 4,250 insurance professionals just in the WDC and surrounding region. These unique capabilities ensure our client’s long-term growth and stability through the delivery of top-shelf talent and market intelligence to their doorsteps.

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