Executive Career Coaching

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Rob Houghton is an internationally-licensed Executive Career Coach by the International Coaching Federation and Certified Coaching Alliance - two of the most respecting coaching organizations.

​Check out Rob's YouTube's "The Career Coaching Experience" featuring a Ten-Part Reality Series with NYC-based Daniella Ricardo launched on 10/7/2022. Check out the Social Media section of this website for more details and links.

Our world-class career coaching program offers employees, at all levels, the opportunity to plan, develop, and super-charge their careers.

Executive Career Coaching Program:

Our program can be customized to meet your individual needs or we can provide our off-the-shelf ten-step experience. We can deliver your program in the following ways:

  • One to one career coaching.
  • Team coaching.
  • Delivered virtually through our digital Zoom platform.
  • Job search and interview coaching.
  • A combination of the above on an individual or group basis.​

Executive Career Coaching:

Executive career coaching is not training, instruction, or consulting. It is a new approach to individual empowerment. We are facilitators. We facilitate new insights, confidence, and a greater self-awareness so that YOU can be the Master of your own Destiny. We empower you to steer your own ship…chart your own course.

Coaching is now recognized as the most effective way to increase leadership and management performance.

Need some help preparing for career changes?

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U.S. Military Special Operations Experience

Since 2003 we have been working with the business community and U.S. Special Operation Forces (SOF) in the field of leadership coaching. This unique combination of coaching corporate and military peak-performers gives us a perspective that few coaching organizations possess.

As a result, we have become experts in helping individuals within organizations empower themselves in the areas of listening, inquiry, critical thinking, and intellectual exploration which are fundamental to great leadership and individual performance.

This results in real, sustainable results for their organizations as well as a tremendous sense of self-worth and confidence to be an organizational game-changer. We empower the superstars of tomorrow in the boardroom and on the battlefield.

We can support and enable these same leaders on their specific career agenda, notably on strategy, performance, teamwork, communications skills, and innovation.

Whether you are focused on attaining an individual career goal, success with a team project, or are going through a time of transition, we will give you that confidence and self-awareness needed to get to that next level.

Workshop Structure

Leveraging our lessons learned and coaching experience with military special operations personnel, we use an interactive workshop structure emphasizing:

  • Conversational mapping,
  • Personality assessment testing,
  • Personal vignettes and thought-provoking case studies,
  • Practical hands-on exercises,
  • A continual 360-degree feedback process patterned after a military after action report (AAR) structure.

Our workshops are informative, inspiring, and entertaining. We are interactive and we have fun. The overall goal is to build your confidence, create self-awareness, and provide you with the tools necessary to super-charge your career and get you to the next level of your organization.

Executive coaching sessions are not classroom teaching or instruction. They are skilled and targeted individual conversations that enable and challenge you to help yourself, to be yourself, in your career or business, to be all that you can be over the long term.

We will also provide you with weekly feedback and progress reports so that you can track your progress and achieve your individual goals. Our primary objective is to empower you to turn your goals into actions so that YOU can plan, develop, and supercharge your career.


The individual:

  • Creates the self-awareness, confidence, and the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to take bold steps in your career or business.
  • Aligns your skills and experiences with your passion and purpose.
  • Preparation for a career move to a new firm and/or elevated position.
  • Helps you manage unusual stress, change, or conflict inherent with a business restructuring or urgent project.
  • An elevated interest in personal learning and development; you want to be the best that you can be.

The Organization:

  • Retaining your top talent and showing them purpose and commitment.
  • Proactively building more positive collaborative relationships between departments.
  • Equip your key employees with a powerful capability that can take your organization to the next level. Develop a cadre of empowered superstars.
  • Powerful motivator as a performance-based incentive.
  • According to the recent ICF Global Coaching Client Study conducted by PWC, 6% of companies say they made their investment back from an executive coaching engagement.

The Next Step

If you have read this far, you are probably interested to learn more. The process starts with an initial discussion to understand the level of your existing skills, experience, and overall objectives.

You can schedule your complimentary 30-minute coaching session here by copy/pasting this link: https://calendly.com/rhoughton1980 or just email at [email protected] to schedule a free 30 minute appointment to learn more about our pricing, scheduling and other program details.

Note: For select candidates in the insurance brokerage industry located in the WDC and surrounding region, our executive coaching services are offered free of charge.